Sandford School



Sandford International School is part of the Sandford International Endowment, a non-profit entity registered with the Charities and Societies Agency as per Ethiopian law. The highest decision making body of the endowment is the Board of Governors, as stipulated in the revised statute and bylaws of 2014. There are seven members on the Board, five of whom are nominated from among full fee paying parents (3 from national parents and 2 from international parents) and are appointed by the Charities and Societies Agency. The other two Board members are appointed from government offices. Currently, the Board has one representative from the Ministry of Education and another one from the Charities and Societies Agency. The day to day management of the school and the endowment is conducted by employed officers of the school led by the senior manager.

The current members of the Board of Governors of the school are as follows

Ato Haile Assegidie

W/o Tenagne Lemma
Deputy Chair

Ato Abebe Abebayehu

Ato Tesfaye Shiferaw

Ato Solomon Shiferaw

Ato Debebe Habtegebriel

The Senior Management team of the school:

Hilary King
Deputy Head of Secondary