Sandford School

IB Diploma

IB Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is the gold standard in international pre-university qualifications. In total, IBDP has been offered to more than 1.1 million students in 146 countries. The breadth and depth in the stimulating and academically challenging two-year IBDP makes it highly-respected by universities around the world.

Key characteristics:

  • Students study six subjects, three at the standard level (SL) and three at a higher level (HL). Standard-level courses are intense, rigorous and broad. Higher-level courses enable students to explore additional topics in greater depth and over an extended number of hours. In total, students can choose from 31 different subject options.
  • All students complete an extended essay of 4,000 words and undertake a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, which cultivates critical thinking.
  • IB Diploma candidates are required to participate in experienced-based learning called CAS (creativity, action, service).
  • External assessments include a variety of tasks such as written essays and examinations. Internal assessments, marked by Sandford’s own teachers and moderated by the IB, are factored into the student’s final grades.

Benefits to our students

Sandford’s IBDP: 

  • Offers both academic breadth and depth. By studying six subjects, our students can keep their university degree course options open, whilst still studying subjects with great rigour.
  • Allows our students to continue to cultivate a sense of social responsibility, an international mindset, a recognition of the importance of taking action to build a better future – all things which we aim to instill in our students from Early Years upwards.
  • Encourages our students to become independent, higher-level thinkers. Research skills, critical thinking, reflection, time management.
  • Is widely recognised by universities around the world, including Oxbridge and Ivy League institutions. With hard work and focus, Sandford’s students should anticipate reaching outstanding universities – and they do (see school profile).