Sandford School

Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Sandford International School is a co-educational, non-boarding, nursery to the pre-University institution. To meet the international standards of its programs, the School employs a highly qualified professional staff. It is committed to providing a standard of education that is accepted within Ethiopia and by the international community.

  • Sandford International School believes that all students can learn, though they may learn differently.
  • The School strives to develop a sense of self-esteem amongst its students.
  • The School adopts a programme of continual assessment and self-evaluation and prepares students for the UK end of Year 6 SATs, the IGCSE, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Ethiopian National Examinations.
  • The school provides facilities for use by the local community and supports appropriate community-based programmes.
  • The School aims to provide the best possible facilities and English language instructional programmes for students from the international community in Ethiopia and for the children of the host country.
  • The School has high expectations of everyone: students, parents and staff and seeks close co-operation between them.

Our Mission

Sandford International School educates students to become effective world citizens who will excel in critical enquiry, creative thinking, clear communication and commitment to others.

Our Vision

Sandford International School will be the premier international school in Ethiopia and the region due to superior programmes, excellent staff and high quality physical facilities.


The School believes that all children can learn, though they may learn differently. Therefore the school adopts a comprehensive approach to education. Through a curriculum that offers both breadth and balance and through a supportive educational environment, individual students are encouraged to develop their full potential within the mainstream educational framework. Achievement and success are monitored through a programme of continual assessment and self-evaluation.

The School believes that the needs of its students must be at the centre of educational activities. Therefore a student-centered curriculum ensure that the process of learning is enjoyable, active and dynamic and is characterized by problem solving, discovery, creativity and self-direction.

The School strives to develop a sense of self-esteem amongst its students. The school encourages its students to adopt an active role in their learning, to think and communicate with clarity and precision, to explore a variety of issues and form considered and objective opinions. In this they are supported by a guidance and welfare network.

The School adopts a policy of equal opportunity for all, irrespective of race, religion or gender and rejects discrimination on any grounds. The School aims to provide the best possible education for National and International students alike.

Students are encouraged to be active in community service, to have a sense of responsibility towards the people of Ethiopia and a commitment to the preservation and protection of the natural world. The school is committed to supporting the wider community through provision of facilities and fundraising for local projects.