Sandford School



Whole-School PE

In PE classes we work on establishing an environment where our children develop skills through various sports, improving their spacial awareness and hand-eye coordination, and building relationships with their classmates. Students learn the rules and procedures of a variety of sports such as basketball, football, badminton, gymnastics, athletics and volleyball. They also learn how to look after their bodies and to develop good fitness habits that they will be able to use their entire lives.

Primary PE lessons

  • EY has one 40-minute lesson of PE per week.
  • KS1 (Years 1&2) has three 40-minute lessons of PE and one 40 minute lesson of Dance per week.
  • KS2 (Year 3-6) has two 40-minute lessons of PE and one 40 minute lesson of Dance per week.


KS3 (Year 7-9) and KS4 (Year 10-11) have two 40-minute periods of PE.
Sandford offers a well-established IGCSE PE programme for Years 10 & 11.

Sporting Events and Competitions

Sandford International School is one of eight schools that form the ISSAAA (International Schools Sport Association of Addis Ababa). This association “seeks to create, promote and foster cooperation among its member schools…to enhance the development of sport for students, schools and the organization.”

ISSAAA offers three seasons of sport within the school year. Each season offers one sport per age group. Schools are given the opportunity to play each other in weekly games. The end of the season is celebrated with semi-finals and championship games. The top three schools are presented with banners.

ISSAAA also offers two Track and Field events. One Primary event, which is hosted by Sandford International School and one secondary event that takes place in November.

Primary Extra-Curricular Activities

Sandford offers weekly activities for the Primary students, including gymnastics, football, basketball, taekwondo and volleyball.

Secondary Extra-Curricular Activities

We provide a wide variety of sports in the Secondary school which take place both before and after school. These include volleyball, rugby, basketball, football, table tennis, cross-country and badminton.